Coaching Essentials

The basis for coaching and coaching leadership

In this 3-day Coaching Essentials training you start your development as a coach. An educational and especially inspiring journey of discovery! We developed the training for today’s manager, the (starting) coach and for anyone who wants to increase his or her personal and professional effectiveness.

Coaching Essentials has been recognized by ICF, the International Coaching Federation, as an Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH) program. The program is HBO work and thinking level.

Work together for extraordinary results

Everyone is a leader, namely we are the leader of our own lives. How do you create more effectiveness and results in your life and work and in the lives of others?

In Coaching Essentials you will learn coaching tools, techniques, models, theories and practical skills. As a educator, coach and person you can immediately bring all your learning in practise.

The context in which the training takes place is transformational coaching. This means that the coaching is aimed at sustainable change of behavior instead of ‘just’ learning skills.

Coaching Essentials

Coaching Essentials is the starters module of the Co-Creation Coaching Training. In this module you lay the foundation of your personal development as a coach. You will discover where your talents lie and what your personal coaching style is. Every person is unique, just as your coaching style.

You will also learn to apply powerful coaching methods through practical exercises and awareness around universal listening,and  questions and feedback. You will increase your skills in an unprecedented way.

When you have successfully completed Coaching Essentials, you can begin the full coaching course, and take an exam to receive certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The context of both programs focuses on both work (coaching leadership) and personal life issues (life coaching).

Get people and teams moving

In Coaching Essentials you learn to look from different perspectives and cultures at the interactions you have as an educator and the impact that your “way of being” (behavior) has on other people. You learn to deal with the field of tension in which you are the educator/manager on the one hand and the coach on the other.

Coaching skills are becoming increasingly important, both as an educator and in our daily life. Self-managing students flatter classrooms, and the pace at which the environment around us is developing, all play a role here. Today’s educator can improve the learning and performance capacity of students by not giving leadership based on assignments and instructions, but by converting the talents and wishes of the students into ambitions.

The result: a more pleasant working atmosphere, better performance and less work pressure for both the educator and student.

And that is the essence of Coaching Essentials: dynamic interaction based on equality, creating a win-win for everyone.

The result of your participation in this training

  • You know how to set up a coaching process and conduct coaching conversations
  • You develop your listening skills and everything about powerful questions
  • Collaborate more effectively and more easily
  • Increasing empathy
  • Provide open, honest and result-oriented feedback
  • What you have learned is directly applicable in practice
  • Possibility to start Co-Creation and certification coaching training

Your investment

€1295,- EXCL. VAT (incl. lunch, coffee/tea, learning materials).
Special Introductory Price for 28-30 May – Limited Spaces Available – only €95,-

Time commitment

Coaching Essentials is a three-day training program from 14:00 AM to 19:00 PM (28 May) and 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM (29/30 May). During these days you will coach a lot and you will receive supervision from our trainers and coaches.

Criteria for participation: HBO or MBO + work / thinking level.

Participants of Coaching Essentials

Leaders, self-managing teams,educators, starting coaches and anyone who wants to increase their personal or professional effectiveness.

Date & Registration

May 28 – May 30 2021