Coaching Training Co-Creation

“Leadership through transformational coaching”

A training for coaches, managers and anyone who wants to develop personally.

An overview of Co-Creation

Coaching as you will learn in Co-Creation, is both a leadership style and a communication style. As a coach, leader, manager, or supervisor, you will master this style and you will become more effective in guiding individuals, teams, and projects.

Co-Creation (CC) is a one-year, challenging ICF accredited coaching course designed around the ICF Core Competencies Model.

The training is intended for (prospective) coaches, managers and anyone who wants to develop in the field of transformational coaching (personal leadership) and team coaching.

We use the Intention Coaching model – taught via experience-based learning . Don’t expect big books full of theory – ‘learning by doing’ makes the learning more personal and is proven to improve both speed of learning and retention of information.

During the training you work on all qualities, skills and experiences in accordance with the coaching competences and ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This course will provide you with a complete coaching toolkit. Following the introduction, you will immediately dive in! You will learn, among other things, to use different methods and approaches to coaching based on the Intention Coaching model.

Co-Creation is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an ACTP course.

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Develop yourself as a coach and as a person

We believe that coaching training starts with understanding and being aware of yourself. Coaching requires courage and vulnerability, both from you and from the coachee or team. During the training you will therefore coach, as well as receive coaching. You will learn more about a coaching mindset and develop your own way of “being” and “doing”. This will help you to coach others in a more effective and sincere way.

This coaching model is based on the philosophy that every person is by nature whole, complete, creative and resourceful and has everything to live the life they want based on their deepest desire. A person is therefore able to make choices and to stand consciously in life, so that leadership over life arises. We use this philosophy in individual coaching as well as team coaching.

Most of our students experience strong personal growth during the training and then learn how they can also use that personal change or transformation to support others. This proven method supports you in developing and achieving a high level of competencies that contribute to being a successful coach, supervisor, manager or project leader.

By looking through the eyes of co-creation – seeing that we are co-creating this universe, co-creating our relationships, and co-creating our experiences – we can find the unseen patterns that exist inside of us. And with this clear-eyed wisdom, we are able to cut the line, drop the anchor, and set ourselves free.

– Debby Ford – 

Benefits of Co-Creation Training

  • Your leadership and communication styles become much more effective.

  • You know how to support individuals and/or teams, to be aware of what they really want, the intentions, and choices to be made.

  • You know how to create a safe, professional coaching relationship.

  • You can support others in building and maintaining trusted relationships with themselves and with others.

  • You develop the skills to look from different perspectives, to inspire, and to gain commitment.

  • You learn to ask powerful questions which support the agreed outcome to achieve goals and deliver results.

  • You know how to get teams moving.

  • And last but certainly not least, as a leader, you know better than anyone else, how to successfully guide individual employees, your team, and projects.

Co-Creation is an Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP/LEVEL 2, 150 hours).

Time commitment Co-Creation

The total training takes less than a year. The Co-Creation program consists of 6 modules. Five of these modules comprise two days and the other two modules comprise three days. Each module takes place on consecutive days and includes an evening program (overnight stay is possible – not compulsory, but advised). The first three modules are devoted to becoming a professional coach (ACC/ICF certified) in a business as well as personal context. You will receive supervision between each module. The total time spent on supervision coaching is 30 hours.

If you opt for certification as a student, you will take a written and an oral exam. There is a one-time resit for both exams if applicable.

During the training we encourage you to have at least two paying coachees. (Coaching colleagues within your workplace are considered paying coachees.)

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“Co-Creation has greatly enriched my communication style and listening, both in my work and in my personal life. The focus of the training is not only on coaching skills, but certainly also on the personal leadership development of the participant. That makes the training special in my experience. By participating in the training, my self-confidence has grown and I have also made a nice contribution to the creation of a coaching culture at my employer.”

– Bert Hendriks –

Consumer Care Specialist, Coloplast


“Coaching is like playing guitar. To make beautiful music, the guitar must be in tune and the player must have the right technique. It is the same with coaching. An effective coach is well “in tune” and is technically well-versed. This is exactly the effect that the Co-Creation coaching training had on me. It does not stop with having a good coaching conversation, the participant also develops mainly in the field of personal leadership. Co-Creation, a training that I recommend with all my heart to everyone! “

– Mark de Vries –

Trainer/coach Leadership Development, Lidl Nederland

Cost and extra information

Your trainer during the training is Johan van Bavel (Location NL) or Robert Stephenson (Location UK). In addition, you will be supported during the training by various supervision coaches and (where applicable) workshop leaders.

The home base of Co Creation is Landgoed De Hoevens in Alphen (North Brabant, The Netherlands), a charming, Flemish Barn. During our stay in this rural location, the venue is reserved exclusively for Co-Creation. This guarantees a quiet and intimate atmosphere which enhances the overall experience. This luxury accommodation has a fully equipped, modern kitchen where participants can prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner together.

The homebase of our training in the UK is London.

The cost of the full course is €7,500* which includes:

  • 7 face-to-face coaching modules
  • Overnight accommodation
  • 30 hours of supervision coaching
  • All training materials

At the end of the training and when you have completed all coaching and supervision hours, you will receive a “Diploma of Completion.” With this diploma, you can continue the mentor coaching process to become an internationally certified coach by the International Coach Federation. The cost of this mentor coaching is € 2,250.

*Stated prices are exclusive of VAT if the invoice is issued in company name; including VAT if the invoice is paid privately.

Exemption policy: if you have followed an ICF-accredited study program elsewhere as a student, you are eligible for an exemption. This is tailor-made and always takes place in consultation with the trainer.

Training dates and registration

2023 – LONDON

Dates to be confirmed  
Direct contact: Robert Stephenson.