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Leadership training: Heart-based Leadership

Experience more bliss and connection with your environment.

Heart-based Leadership is a three-day training that will allow you to develop more awareness around your life and increase your connection with your true self and others, in order to live the life you truly desire.

What’s holding you back?

Every human being longs for happiness, for a life where you feel a deep connection with your surroundings. Where we effortlessly do what we do. At the same time we unconsciously wait for others to bring us the happiness we so desire, often because we lead our lives for someone else. However, is that actually what we should be waiting for?

What do you choose and how do you listen to what your heart is really telling you?

Connect to your principles

Heart-based Leadership means using your heart, soul and mind as an important compass in life. In this training you will discover those aspects of your human being: your mind, your body, your heart and spirituality.

You learn to connect these aspects to lead your life from this connection. You will then become acquainted with how you can apply this in daily practice.

This is an experience-oriented training. Meaning that there will be some theoretical information, but it is mostly about doing, experiencing, sharing, feeling and learning.


“The training Heart-based Leadership is an optional module in the coaching training I was in, that I only heard good and positive things about. My curiosity was more than raised. Heard-based Leadership brought me a number of insights. Mostly about the way my ‘thinking’ often wins from taking action and ‘doing.’ Participating in this training guarantees  you’ll definitely be richer than before. So, go for it!”

– Raymond Selier –

CEO Brabavast & Brabant Wonen, Founder Inzperium Business retreats

Who will benefit from this training?

Everyone who wants to live a connected life, who wants to grow personal effectiveness and who is curious about the results this will bring.

What you will get:

  • Insights in what personal leadership means to you

  • Connection with your core principles

  • Taking action to become the leader in your world

Time investment

Thursday from 2.00 pm until Saterday 6.00 pm.

We do ask you for 1 hour of individual preparation in advance, and you will receive 1 hour of personal coaching after completing the training.


“Heart-based Leadership allowed me to gain insights in my limiting patterns and beliefs. During the training we worked with a lot of practical exercises and tools that were directly applicable. This helped me experience change in the way I think, it raised my awareness and improved my self-image. To me, it was a highly valuable training in which I learnt a lot and gained beautiful insights that also support me in my professional life.

 – Carolien van Egmond –

Work absence counselor and coach at WSD Werkpartners in Boxtel

Investment and more information

Johan van Bavel, owner of Intention, will be your trainer during Heart-based Leadership. During the weekend you will also be supported by other coaches and (if applicable) workshop leaders.

A few days before the training starts you will receive an introductory assignment and a (telephone) conversation with one of the coaches.

You will stay at Groepsaccommodatie Beukenhof in the quaint village of Biezenmortel during the training.

Costs: € 795,-

Included are: catering, overnight stay in a double room during the training and a 1 hour personal coaching call with one of our coaches after the training at a time of your choosing.

Course Dates 2022 & Booking

3-5 February 2022

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